Finding my way…

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I write simply because I cannot not write. It is the habit of my heart that stirs as well calms that mysterious thing inside of me and occasionally out of my control.

I cook “more complexly” because I cannot not cook~ and for all the tummies I have lovingly filled and the palates astonished by meals from my “Tiny Kitchen,” it is pure joy. (The “more complexly” is something I will explain later.)

I think aloud using the “pen” (OK, my Mac) as it lifts my spirit and helps me survive in an often-discombobulated world… or is it me.

Fortunately, I grew up in a home where my dad seriously practiced serving us quality  food… Minimal processing with the best and/or most exquisite ingredients… We ate farm to table long before it became a trend all the while living in a big city. Consequently, the “Great Taste” of food is a delicious passion… one learned and I hold dear still, regardless of eating out or at home.

My professional career and life took an unexpected turn nearly 25 years ago following the catastrophic birth of my second and youngest son. The utmost challenge, perhaps has been finding balance to meet the emotional and physical needs for both my sons… each with a unique set of demands lovingly embraced by their mom.

Surprisingly, along the way in and out of the hospital with my younger son, my heart grew to more compassionately consider the difficulties others were experiencing. For several years, I served as a volunteer Prayer Counselor at my church’s Food and Clothing Pantry. This service helped me to better cope with the quandary we faced as a family. My heart expanded to understand with a much-improved empathy, the struggles of others and gratitude for continued strength to keep climbing… requiring not just hinds’ feet, but a “Big Heart.”

In the maize of caregiver, more so than a mom, I have lost me. Nearly a decade ago, my oldest son said, “Mom, you have stopped dreaming.” Unbeknownst to me, I had vested 150 percent of me into being a caregiver without the balance because I failed to value me. Today, I restart my journey through writing in search of me: To find me. Simultaneously, this work is to improve my craft rather than festering in my entitlements… Writing and food. Combining my passions, I invite you to join me. Grow with me as I, no we, muddle through to find the way… I am ready to learn in my TINYKITCHEN producing food with a GREATTASTE and seasoned with a BIGHEART!

In a future post, most certainly I will talk a little bit more about the dishes featured today. Thank you for joining me on this journey and yes, I encourage your comments.