To My Son, I Bequeath this Cast-Iron-Skillet… to You!

Cast iron cookware, more specifically the “cast iron skillet” has been around for ages. Today’s lunch was a prelude to dinner as Fredrick was not amenable to a simple kale salad. To appease his carnivorous appetite, I decided to quickly prepare a few lamb chops and to do so using my cast iron skillet.

I dressed the chops while the skillet was warming. Freshly ground black pepper, salt, crushed garlic and dried rosemary. Covering the seasoned chops with some extra virgin olive oil, I gently massaged each chop making sure to work in the seasonings.IMG_7783

Finally, a sprinkle of turmeric and I carefully placed the oiled chops into a searing hot, cast iron skillet. Wow… The sizzle was a symphony of perfect notes singing, “Don’t touch me now,” in my TINY KITCHEN.

Very quickly, I washed the salad greens and began assembling ingredients to compliment the blend of kale, broccoli, shaved Brussel sprouts and other fresh greens. Nearly three minutes have passed and the time has come to turn the lamb chops… Perfection! A sear that brings tears to my eyes. (TINY KITCHEN has an old-fashioned… tried and true though… exhaust system… Open back door to clear away the smoke.)IMG_7791

With clear eyes, I now embrace this masterpiece of a lunch. Beautiful lamb chops with the perfect sear and medium well-done for Fredrick… (My preference is medium rare).

This old cast-iron skillet is now something worthy to bequeath to my oldest son…

Again, in a TINYKITCHEN anyone can create GREATTASTE when your springboard is a BIGHEART.