“IF” A Picture Paints a Thousand Words… Why Can’t I?

What a weekend!  A weather forecast of 3-6 inches followed by 3-9 inches continues to evolve and we are around 16+ inches so far… And yes, the snow continues to fall in the form of a blizzard. Not complaining because I have learned each season carries a purpose. I need to talk but words are difficult tonight. I sense the “invisible” me and throughout the day my attempts to connect the dots have been futile. Life frightens me today and I absolutely loathe feeling scared…

Nature, like any of us, has a mercurial temperament embolden by its sheer force or presence. What, if anything, can we do to alter her behavior? Not a darn thing… Except maybe run… but there is no hiding. The nuances of our very existence creates a maze of emotions to muddle through in search of self which ultimately leads back to our nature. We all have days like this, but especially those of us who are caregivers… My heart is aching. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Practiced my photography with different lenses today… Mostly outdoor photography on this cold, wintry day.  I baked a small coconut cake today using my dad’s family favorite recipe. (Words are difficult for me tonight… Really.) Hope you enjoy these shots…

It’s not just poor imagery: This coconut cake was an optical illusion before becoming reality. Here, somewhere in the middle…
Our favorite “quick meal.” Blackened salmon and buttered spinach. Yum..
My son said, “This is the best cake you’ve ever baked.” I agree with him… and using an old family recipe, made it even more special.



One of my favorite containers for flowers..
Night has fallen and this huge pine tree is weathering the storm with such grace.
The weight of a heavy wet snow forces limbs to bend. Imagine if they were not flexible… I must stay flexible under the weight of caregiving: Nature instructing me.
Night comes. Time to rest.
The snow and wind persists. It is beautiful untouched. (Wooded area behind our home.)
Just imagine, in a matter of weeks spring flowers will burst forth!
Soon, we will spring clean, light up the grill (or smoker) and just enjoy life on the outside.