Gluten Free Buttermilk Biscuits ~ YUM

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Setting up to record every step of making gluten-free biscuits. Of course, buttermilk and Greek yogurt for  “tenderness” Baking soda as well baking powder as leavening agents and a gluten-free flour. Something I rarely do when baking biscuits, is measure my ingredients. Because I accepted a “challenge” to come up with a recipe… I’m measuring.
From my research in developing this recipe, I have decided it is best to make a drop biscuit. Minimal handling of the dough helps create a tender biscuit. Additionally, cold butter to further aid in producing a light and fluffy biscuit is used in this recipe.
As long as the biscuits were hot, they were tasty… You can’t fail on taste with good buttermilk and a high-fat butter (European butters). The texture was not as light as I’d hope and perhaps needed less moisture. However, as soon as the biscuits cooled, they were horrible… This was not a successful recipe.

Effort No. 2:

The flavor was pretty good in effort No. 1… However, it was fleeting. On a whim, I walked into my TINYKITCHEN and without much thought, began mixing what experience has taught me about baking with my research.  The result was amazing…

The biscuits were soft and light, filled with flavor, the bottoms had a nice “crunch.” When tasting these delicious, hot biscuits, we became excited. But the true test (for me) was how will they hold up after sitting for a half-hour or so…
They passed the test of time… Set aside a few and waited until they were no longer warm. They maintained the taste and texture. A delicious biscuit…

IMG_8531 IMG_8532 IMG_8533Just one thing… I did not record my recipe. Rather, I worked from the top of my head. Unbelievable! I know, I know… We’re dipping back into the arctic cold in the next few days. I will re-do and post recipe.

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