Fisher House … Love Lives Here

On Saturday morning, we drove up to our somewhat “local” farm for what is becoming a weekly visit for farm pickins’. Stepping away from my son’s vehicle, the warm farm air embraced me… rousing my senses. Pow! The penetrating jolt of the farm’s funk inciting a  wonderful, climatic sense of freedom… déjà vu.  As a child, we visited my maternal grandparents farm annually.  Remembering their farm, tonight, I sit here long into the final stretch of the midnight hour. Dark nights, fans circulating hot, humid air … to only relieve the stickiness from your body for but a moment. In the quiet of the night, my soul muted by the thick air, tossing and turning whilst hypnotized by the constant buzzing of rapidly turning blades.

Now, many lifetimes later… I recall those nights in the darkness… the stillness of precious, building moments to my awakening. Returning there as an adult, it became clear why farmers have large families… the sultry, damp air… giving rise to passion. Tonight, on the other side of my heart… there he is stretching. The deepness of his raspy voice pours into my senses reminding me of the very first time we touched… Yes, before we met. A man who believes he does not like for others to touch him and before our eyes met, he touched me… pressed the flesh of his muscular arm into the softness of my flesh… Pouring himself into me. Pow! Hardly able to sit, listening to the sounds of jazz, in Greenwich Village… a small club called Sweet Basil’s. Tonight, like many years ago, his sultriness parallels the hot moist air from a lifetime past, he pours the energy of his soul into mine from thousands of miles away. A healing touch… filling me… Still… nearly thirty years later… it’s fresh… like each visit to the farm. The healing touch of love…

Fearless, fierce love exists in places like Hines’ Fisher House. Residential lodging for veterans with pressing medical needs including the human need of touch and companionship. A place to have the person who loves them the most close by to perhaps assuage fears all too common with serious illness. A place where you witness the power of vulnerability and the absolute strength in love. Fisher House lodging is available at many “VA Hospitals” across our country and because of altruist, patriotic American citizens.  (Thank you.)

Love took us there on Mother’s Day… A Mother’s Day brunch to honor our veterans and their families. Here are a few photographs of the food prepared and served that day:

Cheesy scrambled eggs, seasoned hash browns and cottage bacon.
Lightly sautéed Fresh Organic Asparagus (cut the day before).
Icelandic Salmon, roasted… lightly seasoned by Chef Christine… (my niece).
Tabbouleh (A Levantine vegetarian dish traditionally made of tomatoes, cucumbers, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt.) Made fresh at the Fisher House… One of my specialities…
Quiche from a local bakery.
Fresh fruit salad, arranged by Chef Christine.
A kosher, boned-in turkey breast; seasoned by Chef Christine.
We served along with a flavorful leg of lamb, a split rack. Before we could grab a photo of the finished dish… it was all gone. One of our veterans walked through saying, “Wow, I can’t remember having a spread like this before. You ladies can cook.”

Everyone enjoyed the food prepared… Most chefs or cooks will tell you the best part of cooking wonderful food is serving their food to an appreciative audience… no matter the size. We were two happy “chefs” departing Fisher House.

The sun is coming out… After working in such a large kitchen, beautiful as it was, I certainly appreciate the function and ease of my TINYKITCHEN where I can create GREATTASTE… regardless of how few or many… to serve BIGHEARTS. Last week, it was American Veterans and their families in a place where love is also healing. Special Mother’s Day for me…

The azaleas are blooming… Fern is strong as ever… From my garden, TO YOU!IMG_9874 IMG_9879

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