Miss being here… Returning Soon!

My studies are a little daunting… Reading, writing, reading, writing… Still excited as I continue to ponder life, delve into the health sciences, reimagine me and yes, cook. Thrilled too about a new stove for the tiny kitchen… Everything around me is changing… The poet in me wants to lament, “Oh the vicissitudes of life…

My world is a scary place… at times lonely and filled with heartache… embracing the loneliness, finding my strength…

A state government poisons it citizens in Flint, Michigan with lead and hundreds, possibly thousands of precious little lives being born afflicted with a disability because of a nasty little mosquito throughout the Americas…  Another challenge for our scientists… Do something quick! Please.

Sharing something posted on the university’s board…


In late November, I walked into wonderful memories. My niece’s daughter is learning to ride and I drove out to observe her on a cold, fall day. While exiting the stables, a lovely story began evolving in my mind causing me to pull out my camera and capture this quiet moment.Stable

I am still here… Studying hard outside MY TINY KITCHEN creating GREAT TASTES and gaining a BIG HEART…. as life teaches me.

You know my photos belong to me… Contact me first if you would like to use… Keeping it simple.